Important Message: Please be aware that The General Services Administration (GSA) has taken full administration of Army Fee Assistance Programs as of October 1, 2014. If you are an Army Family or a Provider who serves Army Families and need to update or make changes to your application, please contact GSA directly. Please check for more up to date information.


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For Providers seeking to apply for Fee Assistance to serve Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force Families please visit:

For more information or help please contact us:



Phone Number

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Child Care Aware®

1(800) 424-2246

(703) 341-4101

Military Fee Assistance

1(800) 424-2246

(703) 341-4103


1(800) 793-0324

(703) 341-4199

Provider Services

1(800) 424-2246

(703) 341-4146